Business collocations
Carla M.
em 24 de Março de 2019

Common Business Collocations in English

List of Business Collocations

Annual turnover

  • The company had an annual turnoverof new liturgy introduced in 2011.

Bear in mind

  • Bear in mind that the authors of these books also have agendas.

Break off negotiations

  • He said he decided almost immediately after the hijacking to break offnegotiations.

Cease trading

  • A company can cease trading and still be registered at Companies House.

Chair a meeting

  • He will also chair a meeting of the International Democratic Union.

Close a deal

  •  I told her not to come back until she closed a deal.

Come to the point

  • It has come to the point where communication is relied on technology.

Dismiss an offer

  • This is what happens when you dismiss an offer of food and you are running for president.

Draw a conclusion

  • The basis upon which you draw a conclusion is subject to incredible impeachment.

Draw your attention to

  • “I want to draw your attention to one absolutely fundamental fact”, he said.

Go bankrupt

  • I am afraid that most of the small farmers will go bankrupt.

Go into partnership

  • Tom went into partnership with Smith to form the firm in 1990.

Launch a new product

  • If we launch a new product, we don’t see people lining up at the door, he added.

Lay off staff

  • He is accused of failing to notify authorities of plans to lay off staff.

Market forces

  • He predicted that market forces will continue to reform the current system.

Past few weeks

  • The stock is healthy, having consolidated the past few weeks.

Sales figures

  • He declined to give sales figures.

Take on staff

  • Employers cannot take on staff unless they have a card.
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