Idioms about jobs
Carla M.
em 12 de Junho de 2019

Idioms about Job in English

  • Learn the Ropes

Meaning: Become more familiar with a job or field of endeavor; be trained

Example: It will take me several months to learn the ropes, but I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with my performance.

  • Get the Sack/ Be Sacked

Meaning: To be fired

Example: I just got the sack, and so did 20 other people. I have three hours pack up my things and leave the office.

Note: “Be sacked” is known and understood on the USA, but “get the sack” is much less common.

  • Off the Hook

Meaning: Free from blame or responsibility to do something

Example: Jason said he’d finish the project tonight, so you’re off the hook.

Note: You can also be “on the hook.”

  • Hanging by a Thread

Meaning: In great danger of elimination or failure

Example: After you botched a third sales presentation, your job is hanging by a thread -you really need to improve.

  • Burn the Candle at Both Ends

Meaning: Work very long hours

Example: I’ve been working two jobs so we can buy a car, but I’m very tired. I’m burning the candle at both ends.

  • Rank and File

Meaning: The ordinary members of an organization

Example: Labor leaders announced that they have agreed to a new contract, but the rank and file still don’t like it.

  • Pink Slip

Meaning: A layoff notice; loss of a job, typically because of layoffs

Example: After teaching for ten years in that district, I got a pink slip last Tuesday.

Note: You can also say “pink-slipped” – I was pink-slipped.

  • Out of Work

Meaning: Unemployed

Example: I’ve been out of work since December. Hope I find a new job soon!

  • Move Up in the World

Meaning: Become more successful

Example: You’re driving a Lexus now. I can see you’re moving up in the world.

  • Give Someone The Old Heave-Ho

Meaning: Fire someone, remove someone from a group or team

Example: Linda hasn’t done a bit of work in months. I think it’s time we gave her the old heave-ho.

  • All In A Day’s Work (Excl.)

Meaning: That’s what I’m here for; although I have accomplished something, it is part of what I’m expected to do .

Example: Jim, you really did well on that presentation! – Oh, all in a day’s work!


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