Idioms about numbers
Carla M.
em 16 de Abril de 2019

A million and one

  • Meaning: Very many
  • ExampleI have a million and one ideas.

All in one piece

  • Meaning: Safely
  • ExampleHe got home from the party all in one piece.

And Counting

  • Meaning: And the number just mentioned is increasing (or decreasing)
  • ExampleHow many dumplings have you made? – We’ve got two hundred and counting.

At sixes and sevens

  • Meaning: Someone is in a state of confusion or not very well organized.
  • ExampleI’m at sixes and sevens now that the whole schedule has been rearranged.

At the eleventh hour

  • Meaning: It happens when it is almost too late.
  • ExampleI was shocked that they reached an agreement at the eleventh hour after weeks of squabbling.

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (B, C)

Back to square one

  • Meaning: Back to the start
  • ExampleThe project failed, we’re back to square one.

Be in seventh heaven

  • Meaning: Extremely happy
  • Example: I’ve been in seventh heavenever since I got engaged!

Be in two minds (about something)

  • Meaning: To not be certain about something, or to have difficulty in making a decision
  • ExampleI’m in two minds about accepting the job.

(Do Something) By the Numbers; By the Book

  • Meaning: To follow instructions exactly
  • ExampleYou don’t have to do this totally by the book; if you see small changes that are needed, go ahead and change the procedure.

Cast the first stone

  • Meaning: To be the first to criticize or attack someone
  • ExampleOK,fine, I’ll cast the first stone—that movie was awful!

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (D, E, F)

Dressed up to the nines

  • Meaning: Someone is wearing very smart or glamorous clothes
  • Example: I have to be dressed to the nines at this gala tonight — a lot of important people will be there.

Eighty-Six (v.) (1)

  • Meaning: Discard, eliminate.
  • ExampleOur boss approved raises for next year, but the district manager eighty-sixed them.

Eighty-Six (v.) (2)

  • Meaning: Throw someone out of a bar or store.
  • ExampleThat guy has had too much to drink, and he’s causing trouble. Eighty-six him.

Feel like a million dollars

  • Meaning: To feel great, to feel well and healthy.
  • ExampleYou look like a million dollarsin that dress, honey!

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (G, H, I)

Get the third degree

  • Meaning: To be questioned in great detail about something
  • ExampleMy boyfriend isso controlling that I always get the third degree if I goanywhere or see anyone without him.

Have one over the eight

  • Meaning: A person is slightly drunk.
  • ExampleFrom the way he was walking it was obvious he’d had one over the eight.

Have one too many

  • Meaning: Drink too much alcohol
  • ExampleI can’t drive, I had one too many.

It takes two to tango

  • Meaning: You say this when you think that a difficult situation or argument cannot be the fault of one person alone.
  • ExampleYour son blames mine for their fight at school, but it generally takes two to tango.

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (K, N)

Kill two birds with one stone.

  • Meaning: Solve two problems with one move
  • ExampleI’ll drop you off on the way to work, we’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Never in a million years

  • Meaning: Absolutely never
  • ExampleNever in a million years did I think that I would actually win the lottery!

Nine times out of ten

  • Meaning: Almost always
  • ExampleNine times out of ten your first choice turns out to be the right one.

Nine-to-five job

  • Meaning: A routine job in an office that involves standard office hours
  • Example: I wouldn’t want a nine-to-five job.

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (O, P)

On all fours

  • Meaning: You are down on your hands and knees.
  • ExampleI got down on all fours trying to find my ring in the sand.

On cloud nine

  • Meaning: Very happy
  • ExampleWhen my mom bought me a computer, I was on cloud nine.

One for the road

  • Meaning: Have a drink before leaving
  • ExampleLet’s have one for the road!

Put in one’s two cents

  • Meaning: Say your opinion
  • Exampleput in my two cents at the meeting.

Idioms and Sayings about Numbers (S, T, Z)

Six feet under

  • Meaning: Dead and buried
  • ExampleI’m going to be six feet underby 2100.

Square the Circle

  • Meaning: Attempt an impossible task
  • Example: Matthew is trying to solve the puzzle, but it’s squaring the circle – there is no solution.

Stand on one’s own two feet

  • Meaning: To be independent and self-sufficient
  • ExampleHe never left home after high school, so he never learned to stand on his own two feet.

Take five

  • Meaning: To take one brief (about five minutes) rest period.To take a short break, about five minutes.
  • ExampleI’ve been painting all morning, can I please take five?

Ten to one

  • Meaning: Something very likely
  • ExampleTen to one I’m going to win.

Two peas in a pod

  • Meaning: Two people who are very similar in appearance
  • ExampleThey’re like two peas in a pod, of course they’re married!

Zero In On

  • Meaning: Focus closely on something; take aim at something
  • ExampleWe’ve had consultants in the factory for two weeks, and they’re zeroing in on our production problems.
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