Parts of a dog
Carla M.
em 20 de Agosto de 2019


  • Eye

What the eye sees not, the heart craves not.

  • Cheek

A tear rolled down his cheek.

  • Top

There’s a fly on the top of your dog!

  • Nose

A sweet smell greeted the nose.

  • Whiskers

He thinks he’s the cat’s whiskers .

  • Tongue

A good tongue is a good weapon.

  • Teeth

The tongue ever turns to the aching teeth.

  • Throat

Antibiotics is effective to cure throat infection.

  • Chest

What size are you round the chest?

  • Forearm

Forearm training is frequently omitted because of all the work the forearms do while training other body parts.

  • Forefoot

But barefoot runners more often land on the forefoot, near the base of the toes.

  • Upper arm

Upper arm equal in length to shoulder blade, set so elbows are well under body.

  • Elbow

The sleeve of his shirt was torn at the elbow.

  • Toe

My horse has hurt his toe so I can’t race him.

  • Belly

When the belly is full, the bones would be at rest.

  • Nail

The nail easily penetrated the soft wood.

  • Hind foot

A sixth cat emerged from under the bed and paused, pointing each hind foot in turn.

  • Stifle (knee)

stifle injury forced her to withdraw from the competition.

  • Hook

The hook is attached to a conventional rig, or a bolt-rig, of which more later.

  • Flank

The rider dug his spurs into the horse’s flank.

  • Tail

I held the mouse by its tail.

  • Back

She gently kneaded the muscles in his back.

  • Withers

Withers are prominent and attached to a well set-in shoulder.

  • Shoulder

Lifting weights will build arm and shoulder muscles.

  • Neck

I grasped the cat by the back of its neck.

  • Ear

The sound smites upon the ear.

  • Forehead

The gorilla had a massive forehead.


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