The importance of vocabulary
Carla M.
em 17 de Setembro de 2019

Learning vocabulary has many benefits, and that is why you should never stop learning vocabulary, despite how much of it you think you know.

Understanding Other People

Without proper vocabulary, you cannot understand what other people are saying. Additionally, you cannot express yourself properly if you don’t have an adequate vocabulary.

Understanding Other Disciplines

Besides, in order to learn other disciplines such as sciences and arts, you need proper vocabulary. There are also strong connections between vocabulary and reading and writing skills. Therefore, if you want to be a better writer, and also read better, you need a greater vocabulary.

Improving Logical Thinking

A good vocabulary also improves logical thinking in the context of a certain language. Learning new words and what they mean makes it easier to explore new ideas and understand concepts that you would not otherwise understand without adequate vocabulary. Quite simply, vocabulary really opens your mind to new ideas.

Improves Chances of Success

Additionally, a good vocabulary helps you make a good impression among other speakers. Therefore, it improves your chances of success as you will seem like someone who understands a certain topic better, as well as someone who knows how to express themselves properly and interact easily with others. In fact, studies have discovered that there is a link between vocabulary and success in some occupations.

In this study, it was found that vocabulary could predict success as a president and VP 87% of the time, but only 32% of the time for the floor bosses. Therefore, a greater vocabulary was necessary for greater occupational success.

So, learning vocabulary is not just for second speakers. Even native speakers can grow their vocabulary, and witness an improvement in their occupational achievements over time. Fortunately, for the most part, vocabulary is learned. It does not depend on natural abilities as much as people think it is.

Makes it Easier to Master New Words

Vocabulary also makes it easier to master new words, which is one of the most challenging aspects of language learning. With a large vocabulary, you can understand what new words mean without having to take a closer look at what they mean.

For instance, if you see a picture of a beach and then a statement mentions “turquoisesea against a clear blue sky”, you will easily understand that “turquoise” refers to a color even though you might never have heard the word before.

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