Yekis meaning
Carla M.
em 21 de Outubro de 2019

What Does YIKES Mean?

This is the perfect term when the slang terms omg or a more vulgar f**k me sideways is inappropriate to use. ‘Yikes’ is the perfect way to display extreme emotions of surprise or even disgust. But it also works in situations of intense happiness. However, it has been said that this is a sure sign the user is of the caucasian variety. Not a word used by the inner-city crowd. Perfect term to use when a shout is an answer to something drastic.

Origin of YIKES

The first noted use of the term was in 1941 and could have been promoted to modern use by the common appearance in comic books. This one word way to express extreme astonishment or fear is a favorite among writers of the graphic novel. Pop culture has taken that expression into the modern language of texting.

Conversation Examples

Many different ways you will find this internet slang term used.

Example 1

  • Texter 1I cut my hand.
  • Texter 2: Bad?
  • Texter 1Yes very.
  • Texter 2pfp
  • Texter 1(Sends a photo of a very bloody hand, the cut looks like it needs stitches.)
  • Texter 2: Yikes, that don’t look good.

Telling someone you have a cut will cause them to want to see. After revealing the cut is indeed horrible, ‘yikes’ is yet another way of saying holy crap that’s bad.

  • pfp – Picture For Proof

Example 2

  • GuyYou are so funny.
  • GirlThank you.
  • GuyThis was fun.
  • GirlYeah, I enjoy spending time with you.
  • GuySame. I think I love you.
  • GirlYikes, uh sorry I don’t think this is going to work.

Another way of using ‘yikes’ is to explain a situation of shock. Such as a first date and being told ‘I love you’ way before you’re ready.

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