What's Your Blood Type?

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What's Your Blood Type?
Guillermo T.
em 08 de Abril de 2016

If you live in or visit Japan, you may be asked, "What's your blood type?"  The question has absolutely nothing to do with donating blood, illnesses, or medicine, at least not when asked by the average person.  There's a popular notion that a person's blood type influences his personality, temperament, and romantic compatibility.  Although far more popular in the island nation than the usual idea of star signs in the West, it's not so very different.  In fact, it's hugely popular, as proven by the list of bestsellers for 2008.  Four of the ten books to top the charts dealt with blood type and personality.

What can be said about personality types?  Type A people are earnest and creative, but also perfectionists.  Type B people are spontaneous, but also selfish and irresponsible.  Type O can bevain and rude.  On the positive side, they are curious and generous.  As for people who are type AB, they are arty, but tend to be moody as well.

Of course, the scientific community in Japan considers the idea a sham.  Unfortunately, not so the general public.  Matchmaking services look to blood types when introducing men and women, for example.  Women's magazines stock their pages with articles, romantic advice, and predictions too.  Some companies have been known to assign projects based on the blood of employees.  And more than a few employers regularly query interviewees about their blood type, with the intention of determining which prospective applicants may or may not provide a good fit with the existing corporate structure.

It boils down to discrimination, and even comes with a term: "bura-hara."  "Bura" stands for blood, and "hara" stands for harassment.  It also doesn't seem likely to diminish in popularity any time soon.

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