Set your goal.

Set your goal.
Irina Penkovskaia
em 30 de Abril de 2015

According to Michel Thomas who has taught celebrities such as Emma Thompson and Woody Allen, those who learn a foreign language are richer and happier than those who can only speak English! But why did you choose to learn Russian and not some other language?

While one can learn Russian just for the sake of it, it rarely leads to good results. You need to set a specific goal which would benefit from the knowledge of the language. It can be anything—a dream of working in Russia, understanding Russian songs and restaurant menus, or even meeting a Russian girlfriend or boyfriend — what’s important is that you believe and stick to it on the way to master the language.

Jot down 10 reasons why you’re learning Russian (first few tend to be obvious, but the last ones will force you to think more deeply). Then choose the most important reason from the list and send it to me!

Rio de Janeiro / RJ
Graduação: Standardization and certification (Ural Federal University)
Oi! My name is Irina, I was born in Yekaterinburg (Ural region) in Russia and really love when people speak Russian. For the moment I live in Paris, but I love Brazil and would be happy to have Brazilian students online. I lived in Rio for 1,5 y. and can teach in Portuguese. I have great experience and a lot of patience :)
Russo para Adolescentes, Russo para Adultos, Alfabetização em Russo, Aprendizado Rápido de Russo, Aulas de Russo em Empresas, Aulas de Russo em Grupo, Russo Avançado
Oferece aulas online (sala profes)
R$ 80 / aula
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