How to succeed in the work environment
Diones S.
em 16 de Maio de 2020

No matter if you’re new at work or have years of experience, you need to keep some standard procedures in mind in order to achieve your goals. Here are some cooperative suggestions that possibly will support you to do well at the office:

1 – Volunteer – besides your daily routine you must be aware of new tasks that may appear anytime. Once you recognize one, show your boss you’re wiling to help but make sure you’re able to accomplish it;

2 – Be a nice coworker – always do your best to deal well with people. When you do so, more chances you have to get them nice to you as well;

3 – Make do to lists – to do lists help you decide the order of priorities you have to work with. Focus on the most important tasks and make sure to meet deadlines;

4 - Remain confident – getting involved in office politics may not be a good idea. Refrain from complex issues and keep positive. When you do so, you’re able to keep full attentions to your duties, make better decisions and improve your productivity.

5 – Bring solutions – working daily in the same atmosphere makes you bright enough to identify the positive and negative aspects of the company. But once it’s done, don’t only point out the matters, instead, highlight them and bring solutions along. If you only show the problems you run the risk of being seen as a moaner.

You may already be aware of these five hints. However, they may seem so obvious that might be simply forgotten. But don’t let it happen, keep them in mind and increase your chances of being successful.

Source: adapted from Top Notch 3 – Second Edition – Pearson Longman

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Sara S.
em 18 de Maio de 2020

Congratulation teacher Diones, I liked this article. I am going this explication in prática.
Thanks very much.

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Angelina F.
em 17 de Maio de 2020

Com mais algumas aulas eu respondo esse também :)

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