Improve Your Communication Skills in English
Heath C.
em 20 de Fevereiro de 2020

If you are not a native of English speaking country but you are keen on improving your communications skills in English, then you need not worry any more about your poor communication skills in English but just follow some simple methods to improve your English speaking skill. Here I have listed some of the best tips which would be helpful to you in improving your communication skills in English and I am sure these would be quite useful to you:


    • The first thing I would like to suggest you is to take out the fear out of your mind that your are poor in English speaking

    • And then never ever hesitate to speak in English but keep on speaking in the language and never give up this habit of speaking in English. As this is sure to improve your verbal skills

    • You just need to keep on talking in English with your friends and family members as well and with the people in your immediate circe, though you happen to make mistakes in the beginning. Do not feel ashamed of your mistakes but continue with your effort to speak in English

    • You also need to make it a habit of listening to the news readers of the English news channels and try to pick the language.

    • Similarly you have to develop the habit of reading English books, newspapers, newsletter, magazines etc till you are expertise the language

    • Always make it a habit to refer a dictionary when you happen to come across a difficult word. Remember that a dictionary is your best friend and it helps you to improve your communication skills

    • Be determined till you are perfect in your communication skills in English

    • In case you are keen on learning English faster, then you can join the Spoken English classes

    • Keep attending workshops / seminars which are very helpful to you in improving your communication skills

    • An important thing to keep in mind is to avoid translating sentences from your own language into English while you speak as this leaves you in confusion

  • Yet another important way of improving your language skills is that you need to concentrate on your writing skills as well in English. As writing and verbal skills in English go together, it would be necessary as well as useful for you to improve your writing skills as well if you are keen on improving your verbal skills


Did you find the article quite useful and want to learn more, then go through the article on tips to improve communication skills.

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