How English as we know it is disappearing

A new global tongue called "Panglish" is expected to take over in the decades ahead, experts say.

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How English as we know it is disappearing
Thiago N.
em 31 de Janeiro de 2019

Linguists say English is evolving into a new, simplified form of the language which will be spoken by billions of people around the world. According to linguists, Panglish will be similar to the versions of English used by non-native speakers. As the new language takes over, "the" will become "ze", "friend" will be "frien" and the phrase "he talks" will become "he talk".

A third of the world's population already speaks English as a second language. In contrast, just 350 million people will speak it as a first language. Most interactions in English now take place between non-English speakers. Linguists say Panglish will lose some of the English sounds which non-native speakers find difficult to pronounce. That could see the "th" sounds in "this" and "thin" replaced by "z" or "s" respectively, and the short "l" sound in "hotel" replaced with the longer "l" of "lady".

Consonants will also vanish from the end of words - turning "friend" into "frien" and "send" into "sen". And group nouns like "information" and "furniture" - which don't have plural versions - could vanish, so that it may become acceptable in Panglish to talk about "informations" and "furnitures". Non-English speakers often forget the "s" at the end of third person singular verbs like "he runs" or "she walks". In Panglish, people may say "he talk" or "she eat".

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