Color Predicts Personality
Por: Guillermo T.
05 de Abril de 2016

Color Predicts Personality

Inglês General

What color do you prefer? The seemingly innocuous answer may predict your personality, according to a recently developed test. The new test requires but sixty seconds or so to complete, asking takers to order as many as fifteen colored squares in terms of preference. For example, which color do you like the least, black, grey, or white? Much like other personality tests, this one can steer individuals to jobs that match up with their personality profiles. However, the difference lies in the fundamentals of this particular test, as most other tests are verbal and may not translate well to other languages or cultures. The new test, based solely on colors, can be used the world over.

The test has already been administered to more than 750,000 people, including more than 800 famous CEOs. The test predicted that the group of CEOs as a whole was ideally suited for upper-management. Yet surprisingly, many were also similarly suited for careers as social workers, artists, and teachers. They overwhelmingly preferred magenta, red, and yellow compared to the general public at large, which the test indicates as less of a perfectionist, less assertive, and more emotionally stable than average.

As more people take the test, the results will increasingly be refined to better predict personalities. No one as yet knows why or how color can so accurately serve as an indicator, as the answer lies deep within the brain and neuroscience. In the future, there may be alternative uses too, such as detecting psychological disorders or degenerative diseases like dementia. Marketers, advertisers, and other industries that rely on psychology and influence are already exploring methods to effectively use colors to generate favorable responses as well.

Expect to see more about colors and their influence in the near future.

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