8° and 9° grade activities!
Stephanie Cristine
em 01 de Maio de 2015


1) Put the verbs into the simple past:

Last year I (go)                    to England on holiday.

It (be)                                                fantastic.

2- Passe as sentenças abaixo para sua forma negative e Interrogative:


a)     She wrote a letter to her Romeo.



b)    He song a music for Beyoncé.




3- Choose "Was“ or "Were“:

a-The teacher                                    nice.

b-The students                                             very clever.

C-But one student                                    in trouble.

6- Choose the correct reflexive pronouns:


Myself, yourself, himself,herself,itself,ourselves,yourselves, themselves.


a-   Robert made this T-shirt                  .

b-   Lisa did the homework                  

c-   Emma, did you take the photo by                                              ?



1) Make positive present perfect sentences:

a. (I / study / French)



 b. (She / eat / octopus)



2) Make negative present perfect sentences:

a. (We / not / go / to Paris)



b. (She / not / see / ‘The Lord of the Rings’)



3) Make ‘yes / no’ present perfect questions:

 a. (They / go / to the USA?)


b. (You / read / ‘War and Peace’?)


4) Choose the past simple or the present perfect:

1. Last night I __________________ (lose) my keys – I had to call my flatmate to let me in.

2. I __________________ (lose) my keys – can you help me look for them?

 3. I __________________ (visit) Paris three times.

 4. Last year I __________________ (visit) Paris.

 5. I __________________ (know) my great grandmother for a few years - she died when I was eight.

 6. I __________________ (know) Julie for three years – we still meet once a month.

 7. I __________________ (play) hockey since I was a child – I’m pretty good!

8. She __________________ (play) hockey at school, but she __________________ (not / like) it.


5) Add since or for.

a-They have been living in Madrid                                          1972.

b-He has been in prison                                      four years.

c-He has known about the fact                                               a long time.

d- Conditions have changes a lot                                 we were children.

e-Our teacher has been very ill                                    the last month.

f-I haven’t eaten anything                                 twenty – four hours.

g-In fact he is always very rude . We have been waiting for him                                                         half an hour.

h- I haven’t see him for three years. It is because I haven’t been there                                             I left school.

6)    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate form of do or make:

1) John worked hard and                         his best at his job, but he still wasn't promoted.



2) The teenagers were                    such a noise that the neighbour called the police..


3) She                     a payment on her debt every month. Soon she'll have finished paying it off..


4) So many chores to                ! I need to clean the bathroom and the kitchen, hoover and change all the beds..




5) Sorry, I've                    a mistake. The restaurant isn't here, but on another street..


6) It's late, and we should go home. Let's                    a move..


7) Unfortunately, his business                      a huge loss last year and had to close down..


8) If you don't speak English, you'll find it hard to                    business in the UK.



 Observações : dúvida sobre os exercicios me contate eu responderei !






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