Key benefits for STUDENTS from being taught online
Christie M.
em 27 de Maio de 2020

1. Much better availability of the teacher they want

Students often find it difficult to find a local native-English speaking person. Even where this is possible, the teacher may not be able to help with the students' niche requests, e.g. English for Young Learners, Business English (and relevant business experience).

The online environment provides the solution: native-English speaking teachers, many of whom will be able to address any particular niche need.

2. Frequent feedback on their learning

Students want to reap the benefits from their learning. A key success factor for this is the amount of feedback they receive from their teacher. The online environment lends itself to frequent feedback.

3. Student-centred learning

Allowing for a few cultural differences, e.g. where a student expects you to be a teacher-centred teacher, the vast majority of students are seeking a more communicative, facilitative and learner-centred approach, addressing their individual needs. Online teaching provides this.

4. Collaborative learning

Students benefit from becoming more active participants in the learning process. Online group work promotes this, through ensuring they understand what is being discussed and what is needed, via various tools which will confirm their understanding.

5. Accessible for all students

Online teaching has provided great learning and work possibilities for students who might otherwise have suffered from geographical or time scheduling restraints.

6. Helping shyer students to open up

Students who might be 'lost' in a classroom-based environment due to their shyness find more comfort in the online environment. The environment encourages them to participate in the course activities and discussions. This has been witnessed time and again.

As a result, there are no 'missing' persons as might be the case in a classroom-based course; everyone is encouraged to give their perspective and to participate.

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