3 tips to prepare for a job interview in English

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3 tips to prepare for a job interview in English
Klicia O.
em 18 de Setembro de 2015

If you have applied for a job where fluent English is a requirement you might be asked to have an interview completely or partially in English.

There's no need to panic about it though! An interview in English follows the same overall plan as an interview in Portuguese and following these tips will help you to get the place!

Speak, speak, speak!

Speak in English as much as possible before the interview. Change all your technology settings to English (social media, phone language) and  read articles and news related to your industry. If possible, try to speak to a colleague about topics related to your industry in English.

Research using English

When doing research on Google for the preparation, try to use English as much as possible, especially if your interviewers will be native speakers. For example, look up: "How to prepare for a job interview" or "How to answer about weaknesses at a job interview".

Researching in English you will be used to the interviewing method of English speaking countries and how to respond according to the culture.

Prepare a "FAQ" (and answers!)

Having a list with frequently asked questions and the appropriate answers will help you gain confidence. You obviously should not try to memorise the answers, but having an idea of what you can reply can be very useful in any interview and more so for an interview in a foreign language.

And if it's a phone interview you can actually look at your "FAQ" during the interview. But still do not read it as it would sound rehearsed and unnatural to the interviewer!

Hope you enjoyed the tips and remember: preparation is key!

Best of luck!


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