The Importance of Language
Ugur B.
em 25 de Junho de 2014


Language is the expression of existence. As the portal that enables us to be involved in various social circumstances it is the strongest way to define and in some cases maybe redefine our very presence in this life. It is the way we speak the language that marks our character. With language we can elevate ourselves or may degrade at the same time, hence it is of utmost importance to use language carefully and of course with sense. People with good linguistic skills are those we admire most and also get inspired by. No matter what your job might be; a politician, a teacher, a business man, a seller on the street etc. if you cannot use language effectively, it is really hard to draw the attention of a crowd, which is something we all want to acquire deep down in our mind. This is the sense of appreciation and good linguistic skill is the key to achieve it.  While language is that much important, imagine yourself speaking another language effectively, it means to broaden your horizon creating opportunities for your personal development, doubling the chance of self-achievement. In today’s competitive world if you have something to say to the people you are one step closer to the chance to survive the mass and be on the spotlight. In this respect, learning the second language is an important issue that should not be overlooked or underestimated. Having language proficiency in English is today’s one of the top priorities on demand. If you speak proper English with confidence you have already doubled your chance in whatever you intend to do. It is the first step to be global, main principle to be recognized internationally. We can say that it is the portal to step out from your local environment to the world outside. This is big when you think about it, and not dreadfully difficult to achieve it. With well-scheduled and disciplined study, even you cannot believe what you will be able to do with language. SO PUT ASIDE ALL YOUR INSECURITIES AND GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT, COME AND START ENJOYING THE JOURNEY OF LEARNING ENGLISH. I am inviting you to experience the knowledge that absolutely counts.

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Especialização: "Teacher Training" e "English for Specific Purposes" (ESP). (EMBASSY CES em Fort Lauderdale - Florida/USA.)
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Caro aluno, estou à disposição para te ajudar no aprendizado de inglês, de uma maneira simples e objetiva, com aulas 100% personalizadas e que vão ao encontro da sua necessidade. Os estudos vão desde o reforço gramatical para iniciantes até a preparação para o ENEM, Escolas Militares, provas de Prof ...
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