6° and 7° grade activities!

Inglês American
6° and 7° grade activities!
Stephanie C.
em 01 de Maio de 2015


1) Put the sentences into negative and interrogative form.

A) Stephanie is a great teacher



c) Paul and antonny are studying



2) Fill in the blanks with the right subject / personal pronouns (I, you, he, she, it, we, they):

  1. Angelina Joli is American.                        isn't French. 
  2. Brad Pitt is American, too.                      isn't German. 
  3. Brad and Angelina aren't French.                     are American. 
  4. My friend and I are high school students.                 aren't primary school students.

3) Fill in the blanks with the right form of to be ( am, are or is):

  1.                        you the new student? 
  2. Yes, I                          . 
  3. Leila and Nancy                  students. 
  4. Nancy                                    Australian . 
  5. My sister and I                    students.
  6. The girls                    tired.
  7. These women                     beautiful.
  8. The tea                      delicious.

4) Choose the correct answer (negative or affirmative form of to be):

  1. Is Julia Robert French? No, she                                                 French.
  2. What about Robert de Nero? Is he an American actor? Yes, he                                                 .
  3. Are New York and Los Angeles Spanish Cities? No, they                                             Spanish cities. 
  4. Is Big Ben in Paris? No, it                                                 in Paris.


5) What – When – Where – Why – Who – How

Put the correct alternative:


a)                                                                are my keys ?

b)                                                               is the problem ?

c)                                                                is your favourite singer?

d)                                                               Is your birthday?

e)                                                                Old are you ? I’m ten years old.

f)                                                                 Is your telephone number?

g)                                                                Are you from ?

h)                                                               Is your best friend ?

1)    Put the words in brackets into the gaps. Mind the positive  or the negative forms:

a)                                       upstairs. (to go)

b)                                        in this lake. (not/to swim)

c)                                        your homework. (to do)

d)                                       football in the yard. (not/to play)


2) Complete with “there was” or “there were” and write the sentences in negative and interrogative form:


a)                                 A new student in your class last week.





b)                                Students in the library at 3 o’clock yesterday.





3) Give two sentences with an object that there is in the first picture and two sentences with two objects that change in the second picture.






4- Use how much or how many to complete the sentences and answer the question:


  1.                                         stars are there in the sky? (5 stars)




  1.                                         people live on islands?  (Some people)




  1.                                         birds are there?  ( 10 birds)



  1.                                         water is in the ocean? ( some water)





5- Complete with a few or a little:


  1. We had                                snow last winter.
  2. There are                                        mushrooms in my mushroom soup





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