Are Airports Safe Places to Go in 2021?

Safety Measures.

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Are Airports Safe Places to Go in 2021?
Beth R.
em 30 de Agosto de 2021

Not long ago ,airports were considered to be the safest places to go all over the globe.Passengers from different nationalities usually looked forward to leaving their countries and did not worry too much about the safety measures they  would have to go through before boarding their planes to all sorts of destinations.


It was an ordinary  routine to arrive at the airports some hours in advance of the scheduled flights so that nobody would have trouble to guarantee seats and take off on crowded planes safe and sound!


What has changed after the coronavirus pandemic? What are "the new normal" routines to fly anywhere in the world? Why do airports shut down out of the blue ? Why are airlines changing their in-flight rules?  You can get some information to answer these questions by clicking on this link:


Look at the photo below.What have you noticed about the flight attendants ? Why can international journeys be even more fraught ?



Which tips could be useful for the passengers who need to fly somewhere soon ? Should they go at once or should they transfer their trips to another occasion ? If you click on the link below,you are going to get 8 practical tips on how to stay safe at airports nowadays.



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