Bom + Shell =Bombshell

The Fox News Harassment Scandal

Bom + Shell =Bombshell
Beth R.
em 21 de Janeiro de 2020



When these two words (first picture: a bomb; second picture: a shell ) are not together, their meanings are very different from the one word "bombshell". Bombshell is defined as an uncountable informal noun which means an event or piece of news that is unexpected and shocking .Click on the dictionary link to get some examples with "bombshell", ok?




Looking at the two posters above you can see three famous stars who are performing in the new flick, which has already got 2 Golden Globe, named: Bombshell. This flick is about The News Harassment Scandal that happened with Fox News head Roger Ailes (a kingmaker in the Republican Party) and the "toxic atmosphere" he presided over at the network. It happened in 2016 when one journalist( Gretchen Carlson) started a lawsuit against Mr.Aisle and then an internal investigation at the News Network began and, eventually,a wave of sexual harassment claims against Roger Aisle appeared. More than twenty women accused "the boss" and he was forced to resign from his position.If you click on the links below you are going to get more information about this scandal and you can also watch the videos provided by


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