'Cool your Heels" & Work from Home.

Strategies to face Covid19

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'Cool your Heels" & Work from Home.
Beth R.
em 16 de Março de 2020

Body Part Idioms and English Phrases are always surprising foreign learners. Many of them are very hard to be remembered but there are some idioms and phrases which make us picture the idea in our minds and associate with some phrases that may also exist in our own language. How many examples can you give at once?

This idiom "cool your heels" appeared in a recent report about the Coronavirus because in several countries the population has to stay home and avoid going out. The Covid19 has been spreading quickly around the planet so experts and scientists say that "Social isolation" is the best way to avoid the virus to infect more people as fast as it can. It is a real challenge for everybody!

However, a top US health official leading the country's response to the coronavirus urged Americans "to hunker down"(wait for a difficult situation to end) significantly more" as the virus continues to spread. We must be patient and careful to be on the safe side! What about Brazilian officials and governors? What must everybody do right away? How can we face our "new routines"?

Lots of people have already started working from home. Do you know anyone who does not need to leave home in order to work? Do you believe it is going to be easy or difficult for ordinary Brazilians to work from home?

Click on the links below the picture to read about the successful ways of working from home. Then you can comment on this situation at the bottom of this post, can't you?














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João P.
em 19 de Março de 2020

I Do Think That We Should Close Our Boarders Right Now Otherwise We Are Going To Become Italy 2.0 And I Think That The Population In General Should Stay At Home. Wash Our Hands Is Very Important Now. But, Unfortunately, Not Everbody Has The Privilege Of Staying At Home, People Need To Work And Not Everbody Can Work From Home. It`s A Sad Situation...

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Beth R.
em 20 de Março de 2020

Hello J.P.
It's a real challenge to stay home all day long ! However, we must do it. (to be on the safe side). We can keep contact through different ways and learn how to face this "surreal" virus and situation. Take care.

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