Frothy Roles for an Iconic Woman!
Por: Beth R.
13 de Maio de 2019

Frothy Roles for an Iconic Woman!

Doris Day -Singer,Actress & Animal Rights Advocate

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Anyone who was born in the 50s or 60s and loved watching American Comedies knows this actress from the photos below. She could perform and sing as well, so most of her movies were smashing hits!


How many of her comedies have you watched on TV? Do you remember any song she recorded that could be sung all over the world? Along with her show business life and career, she became an Animal Rights Advocate! Did you know that? Why did she have so many fans if she has had only frothy roles to perform?


Click on the links below the photos to read more about this iconic American Star, ok?






How about this song in the video below? Do you like it? Is it the first time you listen to it? You can listen and sing along with Doris Day, can't you?


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em 16 de maio de 2019

Hello Nina!
I also enjoyed watching Doris Day's flicks.
They were nice light comedies and musicals. She rocked lots of fans and her long successful career made us have a great time!
Now she may rest in peace!
Take care!

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em 14 de maio de 2019

I used to watch Doris Day's movies when I was a child. She performed with Rock Hudson in some movies. They matched indeed.
I love to sing her song Que Sera Sera . She sang and danced very well. R.I.P.

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