How do you pronounce : GIF ?

How do you pronounce : GIF ?

     Steve Wilhite is the famous American who gave the world the quintessential  " meme-making file type": GIF (Graphic Interchange Format ).GIF is a type of computer file that contains an image.This computer file GIF was developed in 1987 when Steve Wilhite was working at CompuServe.By 2016, GIF had found mainstream use in website design, social media posts, workflow documents and how-to guides!Then Mr. Wilhite was honored with a lifetime achievement at the Webby Awards. The Webby Awards have been around for 17 years now. Over the years they have recognized some of the most innovative players in technology.


Mr.Wilhite, the creator of  this GIF file used the Award ceremony to remind everyone how his invention is pronounced."Like a king with a royal proclamation, the inventor has put an end to all debate over how his invention's name shall be pronounced." "It is a soft "G", pronounced"Jif".End of the story? Not really!


Click on the links below Mr.Wilhite's GIF to read about the debates.Afterwards, watch the videos to get more information about the inventor and his invention so that you can be sure how to pronounce GIF properly,ok?








Beth Ritto
em 19 de Outubro de 2017

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