How to learn a new language.
Beth R.
em 11 de Junho de 2015

Seven "secrets" to learn a new language.


learning a foreign language


 1. Get real

 Pick up 30  words of a language and start using them on people - and then slowly start picking up grammar and pronunciation drills to improve your speaking skill. 


2. Make language-learning a lifestyle change                                              

Language habits and routines can make you feel more confident while using the foreign language so watch videos,films and listen to songs every possible day and time.


3. Play house with the language

The more you invite a foreign language into your daily life,the more your brain will consider it useful and worth caring about. For example: label objects in your house in this language,read kids' books written in this  new language ,make lists of essential words and everyday questions to ask your friends and people who know  this language. 

Watch subtitled flicks and make a summary of the plot using basic ideas and vocabulary.


4. Let technology help you                                       

Use all the tools you have in hands to listen,repeat,read and write conversations and news in the foreign language.There are blogs ,videos and magazines online which provide us very nice materials to improve the learners´ 4 skills in the  foreign language.(listening,speaking,reading,writing)


 5. Language learning = a gateway to new experiences                          

Find undubbed versions of your favorite films, cartoons and recipes on different web pages.You will be focusing on something you are interested in and you will also have a chance of learning new things in the foreign language  you are willing to learn .It is also important to make some notes and repeat some of the information so that you will listen to yourself speaking the new language.


6.  Make new friends  

Interacting in the new language is essential - it will teach you to intuitively express your ideas,instead of mentally translating each sentence before you say it.Find native speakers near you or search for online partners/volunteers and then you may exchange ideas in the new language.Do not worry too much about making mistakes .That´s part of learning.Try testing your skills with someone a little younger.They won´t probably laugh at you and they may help you to make an effort in expressing your ideas informally.Be patient and remember that "Practice makes it Perfect "


7. PICK AND CHOOSE songs to listen to 

Select your favorite singers and sing along with them.You will not only feel motivated to understand the lyrics but you will also have the chance of improving your pronunciation and vocabulary in the foreign language in a relaxed way. Imitating/repeating  the singers' accent and intonation while singing along will give you the chance to listen to your voice  and correct the mispronounced words ,join the small words correctly  and know some of its sentences sentences by heart. If you have a song list which you often listen to, then you may copy their lyrics in a little copybook to keep a record of the new vocabulary  or you can simply go to any lyrics search site to profit from it.






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