Is it possible  to turn  a breakup into a breakthrough?
Por: Beth R.
19 de Agosto de 2017

Is it possible to turn a breakup into a breakthrough?

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"Break " is a very common irregular verb (broke/broken) that is used with several meanings mainly if there is a preposition after it ( Phrasal Verbs ).A "break " can also be used as a noun, can't it?

You can confirm at least 13 meanings if you click on the link below these pictures, ok?



 Now you can also think about these statements below where the two words "breakthrough" and "breakup" are used.Later on you can check the expression "conscious uncoupling" that is a euphemism for amicable separation,splitting up,breaking up or plain old divorce.

Click on the last link on this post to read about Katherine Woodward Thomas the American psychotherapist and author who coined this curious and unfamiliar term"conscious uncoupling", ok?









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