Loneliness =Social Isolation ?

U.K Minister for Loneliness-Tracy Couch

Loneliness =Social Isolation ?
Beth R.
em 24 de Setembro de 2018

Take a look at these photos below. Can you recognize and name these ladies at once? Why has this oldest lady appointed this youngest lady to tackle the issue of "social isolation (loneliness)"in England? When did this young British Minister start leading a governmental group to" combat" this recognized phenomenon of social isolation( loneliness )in the U.K? What kind of strategies will this Minister have to create to be successful in her position? Do you know of any innovative solutions to combat or treat loneliness?   If you click on the links between the photos, you are going to get more information about these British politicians, ok?


 Then you can give your opinion about this British Ministry/Minister at the bottom of this post, pointing out the pros and cons of Ms.May's decision. 











After reading the reports watch the video below. Do you remember this song's lyrics? Why can we say "Message in a Bottle" composed by Sting is related to this issue of loneliness? Do you like this song? Why? 






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João P.
em 28 de Setembro de 2018

Unfornutaley, Loneliness Is A Terrible Problem In Our Society Nowadays, So, It Is Important F

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João P.
em 28 de Setembro de 2018

... It's Important For The UK To Have S

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João P.
em 28 de Setembro de 2018

... Someone To Take Care Of This Social Problem. It Is The First Step To Defeat This Loneliness Problem. In Brazil, We Have This Type Of Problem, However, Our Government Can't Handle With That. Well, Sting's Song Also Mentioned This Problem Of Feeling Alone In His Song. I've Loved This Song.

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