Morning vs Mourning / Grief vs Mourning

Homophones and Emotions.

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Morning vs  Mourning / Grief vs Mourning
Beth R.
em 10 de Maio de 2021

There are several words in English which sound the same but they are spelled differently and their meanings are different too ! Have you noticed that yet ? I guess so!

They are the "homophones".Check some examples of homophones given below the dictionary link.You can also check the words'meanings  by clicking on the link ,  to confirm their meanings so that later on, you may use these words properly in your own sentences,ok ?


Examples: cite/site/sight               buy/by/bye      sent/cent/scent

               stair/stare                     to/two/too      morning/mourning  


Look at these words : "morning and mourning".The second one ( mourning )has been used  a lot lately in our  pandemic reality,hasn't it ?

Unfortunately,many people have been dying ,because of the Coronavirus.A huge number of families have been going through this moment of "grief and mourning".What's the difference between "grief and mourning"?How do people deal with "death and loss"? Why do we grieve strangers and celebrities ? Why do we feel the need to grieve pets ?


 Lots of people prefer not to discuss about these issues,don't they ?However,nowadays, these issues cannot be ignored anymore. Everybody should not only talk about them but also try to face them in order to accept them"naturally" or maybe bravely!


You can click on the links below to read about "11 reasons why people grieve and mourn death.", check the difference between grief and mourning and why Michelle and Barack Obama mourn the death of their beloved dog "Bo".





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