Only the strong survive.

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Only the strong survive.
Beth R.
em 09 de Agosto de 2016


Lots of people remember this song Only the Strong Survive which was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1969 and Billy Paul in 1977. Its lyrics were learned by several learners of the english language not only  because the song has a nice message but also because it was a cool tune to dance and sing along.


Let's listen to Only the Strong Survive once again ? Don't forget to sing along to improve your oral fluency in English,OK ? Elvis Presley sang it differently from Billy Paul. Watch the video first and then click on the link below it to listen to Billy Paul's version.Which one did you like best ? Have you danced this song anywhere that you still remember ?


Now before clicking on the Merriam Webster's link below,take a look at  its three statements about the english language.Do you agree with them ?

After thinking a little bit about these three comments,read the information selected in its post so that you may come to a conclusion .Make some notes to study them later on too.

1) Words will often stray from their roots.

2) People will complain about this.

3) The English language will somehow survive. 





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