The Queen's Message on April 5th 2020

23.97 million Viewers!

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The Queen's Message on April  5th 2020
Beth R.
em 07 de Abril de 2020

The second most-watched broadcast this year (since the "novel coronavirus" spread all over the planet)was Queen Elizabeth's speech given from the Windsor Castle on April 5th, 2020. It was the only the fifth time the Queen has given such a speech in her 68-year reign. Queen Elizabeth who is 93 years old said the UK "will succeed" in its fight against the Covid19 pandemic.


According to BBC News, Boris Johnson's statement announcing strict new coronavirus restrictions was watched by 27 million people in March 2020. 


Queen Elizabeth didn't speak too long but she pointed out that " the pandemic was a different challenge compared to what the nation had faced before."Can you imagine why she has said? Have you watched her speech yet?


If you want to listen to her speech and watch her carefully, click on this link below:


You are not only going to watch her but you can also get some more comments about her words.


She ended her message with the words ": "We Will Meet Again" (an apparent reference to Dame Vera LYNN'S song )


By the way, "We Will Meet Again" is one of the most famous British songs which was composed in 1939 during the Second World Era. This song resonated with soldiers going off to fight and their families and sweethearts.


You can check this song's lyrics clicking on the link below. Then you can write a few words about the song and the Queen's message at the bottom of this post, can't you?


 Stay Home! Take Care!



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