The shot that Healed a Nation .

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The shot that Healed a Nation .
Beth R.
em 21 de Agosto de 2016

Brazilians ,in general ,do not like to read foreign headlines about our country in which the verb shoot is included .We believe  foreign reporters ,most of the times ,are unfair towards brazilians' reality and they use all their energy and effort to picture Brazil as the worst land to live in .

However,this Time .com headline : The shot that healed a Nation was really positive and true.  This irregular verb to shoot,shot,shot  has different meanings and when it is used in sports context means to strike at or kick.You can check this meaning clicking on this link below.


Neymar has restored brazilians' pride with his decisive kick at Maracanã stadium. news printed this :"Before the decisive shot,Neymar picked up the ball and kissed it before placing it on the penalty spot.With a stutter step and a smooth kick,he calmly sent a shot into the top corner and fell to his knees before being mobbed by his teammates "










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em 23 de agosto de 2016

The great Brazilian soccer player Neymar brought back happiness to soccer's fans when he shot that goal. He was so moved with his shot that he burst into tears and made everybody cry with him.
Great show, unforgettable competition !!!

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em 22 de agosto de 2016

Well, this moment was very special for all Brazilians who expected a revenge against Germany . It's the first time our team won a gold medal in soccer during the Olympic Games. It was wonderful indeed!

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em 22 de Agosto de 2016

Bravo ! They rocked us ,didn't they ?

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