The show must go on,musn't it  ?
Beth R.
em 26 de Julho de 2021

Despite all the protests and criticisms towards the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo ,the competitions have already started on July 23rd,2021.

From now on ,athletes will be performing in empty stadiums and their performances will be watched by millions of spectators who would love to be inside the stadiums and different venues prepared by the Japanese authorities and workers.However, all the sports fans had to be barred by the organizers because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 15,400 athletes taking part in the games will be tested before leaving their countries,again on arrival and then frequently while residing in "bubbles"inside the Olympic Village.Vaccinations are not a requirement!!!! Can you believe it ? What do you think about these rules and regulations? Would you like to be one of these athletes ?

"The event itself it's likely to be strangely lifeless-no pomp and splendor,no revelry after victories and no families to offer support." Commented Lisa Du from NDTV,Bloomberg.


If you read the reports selected below,you are going to have enough information about the " Pandemic Games"and you may also understand why the Tokyo Olympics 2021 was referred as a  "boondoggle investment".

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