Kinds of movies

Kinds of movies
Erika Arruda
em 04 de Janeiro de 2015


Com o ínicio do ano novo a temporada de premiações do cinema está aberta. Que tal treinarmos o inglês através de gostos cinematográficos?












What kind of movies do you like? / What´s your favorite kind of movie?

- I don´t like / I hate / I'm not crazy about horror movies.
- I like / I love thriller (action adventure / science fiction / romance / animated / drama / horror / thriller / epic / comedy / war / western / older classics / alternative/independant / foreign / silent) movies


Special mentions:


Blue movie
a movie that shows people having sex

B movie
a movie that is inexpensive to make and not very good

Chick flick
a movie intended especially for women, often about a romantic relationship


Costume drama
a play or movie about a particular historical period in which the actors wear clothes typical of that period

Director’s cut
a movie in the form that is exactly what the director intended, before changes are made to produce the final form that is shown to the public


a long book or movie about famous and exciting people and events from the past

the main movie that you see after a short movie at a movie theater


Film noir
movies that present the world as a sad place in which the characters are caught in complicated or dangerous situations


Home movie
an informal movie that someone makes themselves, often about their own life and family


a movie or song that uses the same story or music as one made before


Road movie
a movie in which the main characters go on a trip together by car, truck, etc


a play, book, movie, etc. that uses this humor


Screwball comedy
a movie whose characters are silly and unreasonable in a funny way, or this type of movie


a horror movie in which there is a lot of blood and violence


a movie or a book that becomes very popular although it was not expected to


a movie or play that is very unsuccessful

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